Media Appearances

Her book Defined by Design reflects issues that have driven her pedagogy for more than three decades.


Check out Ed Keegan’s piece “Teaching Empathy” in  Chicago Architect (March-April, 2018):


For nearly 40 years, Kathryn Anthony has championed the role of architects in everything from starting businesses to tackling gender, race, and social issues through her teachings, public appearances, and books.


Check out Ed Keegan’s piece in Architect Magazine (January 11, 2018):


As Darcel Rockett argues in The Chicago Tribune (November 30, 2017): Everyday designs don’t always keep gender in mind, but author says they should…


From toilets to airline seats, design expert knows: One size does not fit all





The designers of clamshell packaging probably didn’t anticipate the phenomenon nicknamed “wrap rage.”  (RICK MADONIK / TORONTO STAR FILE PHOTO

“Clamshell packaging is an often dangerous lesson in bad design.” Excerpt from Defined by Design: The Surprising Power of Hidden Gender, Age, and Body Bias in Everyday Products and Places by Kathryn A. Anthony, Prometheus Books (March 14, 2017).